Overall domestic industrial robot sales decline

2019-12-17 10:53:01 信息员 中自网

At the China Robot Industry Development Conference 2019 on December 9, the China Robot Industry Alliance released the "Statistics of the Domestic Industrial Robot Market in the First Half of 2019". Data show that China's auto sales continued to decline in 2018, leading to a significant year-on-year decline in sales of robots in the automotive industry in the first half of the year. However, from the perspective of the entire industry, the entire market is in a period of growth.

Sales decline in first half affected by cars

Qu Daokui, chairman of the China Robot Industry Alliance, disclosed the situation of the industrial robot market and the development of the entire industry at the press conference.

"Big customers of robot applications, such as cars and auto parts, do not perform well, and industrial robots will be greatly affected。" In addition to the sharp decline in the automotive industry, in other areas, the entire market for robots in the manufacturing industry is growing。 The small decrease in market value also indicates that robot companies are better in value than the original, and the decline in value is far less than the decline in overall sales。 Therefore, this piece shows that the quality of the development of Chinese robot companies has greatly improved。

 Robot replacement rate will reach 30% in the next few years

According to the analysis of Dou Kui, from the perspective of the structure of the robot, the sales of multi-joint robots are increasing, and the proportion is increasing. A few years ago, China's share of high-end articulated robots was not high, almost less than a third. Now articulated robots occupy nearly half of the robot industry, which is a welcome change.

Yu Qu Daokui also said, "In the past thirty to forty years, the replacement rate was less than a few percent, and in the next five to eight years it will reach 30%. This market space is very large."

With the change of manufacturing models, such as intelligent manufacturing, industry 4.0, and the interconnection of all things, there is a crowding out effect on the human labor force. Future trends and directions, including historical development data, Chinese industrial robots will enter a big explosion. period.

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