The penetration rate of digital R&D design tools for Chinese enterprises has reached 69.3%.

2019-10-14 16:29:05 信息员 中自网

At the end of September, at the press conference held by the State Council Information Office, the Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Miao Wei, introduced the development of the industrial communications industry on the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and answered questions from reporters。

Reporter: I would like to ask Miao Miao a question. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China 70 years ago, China's industrial landscape has undergone earth-shaking changes. It has achieved a leap from small to large, from weak to strong, and has taken a historic step in building a strong country. If you use keywords to summarize the 70 years of industrial development, what words would you use? Thank you.

Nursery: Thank you。 I think the following keywords can be used to summarize the achievements and highlights of our 70 years of industrial development。

The first keyword is “the first manufacturing power”。 Since the founding of the People's Republic of China 70 years ago, especially since the reform and opening up, China's industry has achieved a historic leap。 In 1992, China's industrial added value exceeded the 1 trillion yuan mark。 In 2007, it broke through the 10 trillion yuan mark。 In 2012, it broke through 20 trillion yuan, and in 2018 it broke through 30 trillion yuan。 Everyone can look at the numbers, the more they go back, the faster they will double。 I mentioned earlier that after losing the world's largest manufacturing country in 1850, I regained the position of the largest manufacturing country in 2010。 In 2018, our country's manufacturing added value accounted for more than 28% of the world's share, becoming an important engine driving global industrial growth。 Among the more than 500 major industrial products in the world, more than 220 industrial products account for the largest production in China。

The second keyword is the "complete industrial system。" China attaches great importance to the construction of the industrial system。 Since the first five-year plan, it has focused its limited resources on the industrial sector and laid a solid foundation for the subsequent industrialization。 After 70 years of development, we now have 41 industrial categories, 207 industrial categories, and 666 industrial sub-categories, forming an independent and complete modern industrial system。 It is the only one in the world that has all the industrial categories in the UN industry classification。 country。 It took us decades to complete the industrialization process that the developed countries have gone through for hundreds of years, and created the miracle of world industrialization。

The third keyword is "innovation-driven development." As the main body of innovation, enterprises continue to increase investment in research and development, and the level of technological innovation is constantly improving, which has become the fundamental driving force and source for promoting China's sustained and rapid development. In 2017, the intensity of R&D investment of industrial enterprises above designated size increased from 0.56% in 2004 to 1.06% last year. The number of effective invention patents in industrial enterprises above designated size reached 934,000, an increase of 29.8 times over 2004. Some technologies have gone from the past to "running" to "running" and even to "leading". For example, power generation equipment, power transmission and transformation equipment, rail transit equipment, communication equipment and other industries have already taken the lead in the world.

The fourth keyword is "two-depth integration。" Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the deep integration of industrialization and informatization in China has been further accelerated, and the development of intelligent manufacturing has achieved positive results。 The level of digitalization, networking and intelligence in the manufacturing industry is constantly improving。 As of June 2019, the popularity of digital R&D and design tools for enterprises is to use digital tools to develop R&D design, reaching 69。3%; the numerical control rate of key processes Like CNC machine tools used in production lines, this ratio reached 49。5%。 At the same time, the proportion of enterprises engaged in networked collaboration, service-oriented manufacturing, and large-scale personalized customization reached 35。3%, 25。3%, and 8。1%, respectively。 The development of the industrial Internet has also taken a solid step。 There are more than 50 industrial Internet platforms with certain influence in China, and the average number of connected devices on the key platforms has reached 590,000。 In 2018, the scale of the digital economy reached 31。3 trillion yuan, ranking second in the world。 The rapid integration of the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence with the real economy has laid a solid foundation for us to seize the opportunity of the fourth industrial revolution。

The fifth keyword is "Small and medium-sized enterprises flourish。" In the past 70 years, China's small and medium-sized enterprises and private enterprises have flourished。 From small to large, from weak to strong, they have played a unique and important role in increasing employment, stabilizing growth, and promoting innovation。 The role of the national economy as a new force has also become increasingly prominent。 By the end of 2018, the number of SMEs in China has exceeded 30 million, and the number of individual industrial and commercial households has exceeded 70 million, contributing more than 50% of the national tax revenue, more than 60% of GDP, more than 70% of technological innovations and 80。 More than % of the labor force is employed。 With the implementation of a series of central and local policies to support the development of SMEs, the development of SMEs in our country will face more opportunities, more space and greater vitality。 I think we can use the above five keywords to summarize new China's achievements in the past 70 years。

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