New  Energy


New Energy


Automation equipment  New energy (NE) : also known as unconventional energy sources。 Refers to the traditional energy outside of the various forms of energy。 Refers to the development and utilization of beginning or are actively research, to promote energy, such as solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, ocean energy, biomass energy and fusion can wait。

  We are committed to rechargeable lithium ion battery type batteries, encapsulation, and system integration of automation equipment research and development, production and marketing. With PB series, WF series, ST series, the series of WCF, W series, the series of WFD, WFF series, FP series, SFP series and so on many kinds of laser, a collimating focus on welding workbench, standard galvanometer welding workbench, special laser welding system, and many other species, according to the need for fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual operation platform, has been widely applied in the new energy industry.

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