Design and fabrication of precision automated equipment


Automatic capping machine

Automatic capping machine

Application:Disassembly and assembly of the protective cap used to protect the product during the sensor production process (divided into a protective cap and a protective cap)
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Ø Features 


 ØUnique disassembly and assembly speed

 ØHigh position accuracy;

 ØApplicable to the disassembly and assembly of sensor protection caps with various shape rules;

 ØHigh efficiency, high quality and high volume, effectively reducing process costs;


 ØSafety light curtain and two-hand start protection system can effectively ensure the safety of the operator; 


 ØVisual programming, easy to operate, convenient and fast maintenance; 


Ø Technical parameters

Automation equipment,

Ø Picture display

Automation equipment,

Automation equipment,

Automation equipment,

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